I wanted to take a few minutes today to say thank-you to the bankers, the tellers, and the IT professionals in the banks. I for sure know that many of you have been working altered hours that haven’t always been easy. Worldwide people from many professions have kept humans supported throughout the covid pandemic and you are a critical group among them. Every loan application that has been created in America today has not been processed simply by a computer that fills in the blanks and sends out money, but by you the human on the receiving end. You see and handle the forms that not only hold numbers, but the hopes, dreams, and security for many people and the businesses they own.

As bankers were asked to “process” thousands of applications and as tellers to keep window transactions going for not only the currency, but for notary purposes. Often times, you are the witnesses to our very signatures, an essence of our identity and the promises we make. Your work as a banker involves being a silent observer to our human joys and sorrows. In your time as a teller, you may notice a congratulations on the bottom of a check for a graduation and a new home being purchased. Bankers, you may also be among the first persons to sit with and witness the dissolution of a marriages and the bankruptcy forms. You work hard to establish relationships and are part of our everyday community that has been formed many years ago. I greatly appreciate your role in helping communicate procedures and advising your clients about the management of money. Thank-you for all you have done for us throughout this time in world.