About Dr. Norris, Financial Therapy

About Dr. Norris, Financial Therapy

Dr. Robin Raniero Norris Financial Therapist in Virginia

Who I Am

I’m Dr. Robin Raniero Norris a marriage and family therapist that has a passion about doing financial therapy in Virginia. I help couples and leaders talk about money and finances in more comfortable ways. My Doctoral degree is in Counselor Education and Supervision from Capella University. I earned a double eagle with a Master’s and Bachelor’s from Boston College. My Licenses are in Virginia 0717001193/ California 41187/ Telehealth only Florida TPMF14.

I grew up on the New Jersey Shore. I also lived extensively on both coasts of the United States and in the United Kingdom. Through my moves I have had the privilege of meeting with a broad range of clients from many cultures and social structures.

Windward Optimal Health started through my enthusiasm about helping others achieve a balanced life around money and finances.  I combine the knowledge I gained from being a scholar and a sailor to help achieve teamwork in couples. I instill a go-getting attitude with individuals in the field of financial therapy.  Life is about always learning, exploring, sharing, and connecting. I am on a quest to the get people to a more settled place in their financial lives.

I enjoy working with male industry leaders and couples around the psychology of money, financial therapy, trauma, loss, self-exploration and communication.

My Heart of a Teacher

As a community resource, I have provided aftercare support for families from the Steve Harvey and Hoarders shows. I have been interviewed by ABC news. For more updates please check out these articles I have contributed to.

I continue to enjoy my work also as an adjunct professor teaching master’s level courses for the Counseling department at William and Mary. I also teach undergraduate level courses for the Human Services department at Old Dominion University. Courses I teach include Crisis Management, Ethics, Field Observation, Addiction and Family Systems, and Introduction to Substance Abuse.

My being a scholar seeps into my sharing through the writing of a blog that you can find here.  If there are topics of interest that you would like to see written, want me to speak about, or would like me as your therapist or coach don’t hesitate to reach out to me. In order to be an ever expanding teacher I continue to grow my own knowledge base through my attendance at monthly Executive Circle meetings run by Drs. Brad and Ted Klontz, the Financial Psychology Institute and through reading both trade books and professional articles such as those located in the Financial Therapy Association Journal.

Why Financial Therapy

Money can be fun and terrifying at the same time like riding the coolest roller coaster ever. My role as a financial therapist in Virginia is to guide you through the ride. This can include the before, during, and after to assist you with the emotional balance of it all. Everywhere we turn there are talks about the hard stuff in life such as sex and death. But, the one thing that has the most daily impact in our lives is money. Money is physical, emotional, psychological and helps shape who we are as people whether we want it to or not. It even drives who we surround ourselves with, guides the choices we make, and shapes the dreams we have.

How I Can Help

My approach to financial therapy is to listen to your story.  I help you discover the parts that you may not have noticed before. While I aid you look at your numbers, it is not important to me what specifically the money amount or number is. What it and the pattern of numbers mean to you is the key element.

With me, you will find methods that work for you and your lifestyle that you want to achieve. There are many wonderful resources that talk about saving and spending for the today and the tomorrow. I will help you to create systems that will be tailored to you and your needs. I’ll help you to discover tools that works for your learning style. Through this, you will hopefully find more calmness in your daily choices. My therapy style is to allow for a no judgement zone and to be open and honest. Not everyone is ready for this, but those that have come on board have said it was worth it.

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Kind Words

Robin Norris has been a great resource to the Vertical Rock community. Her positive attitude and creative thinking fits right in for the mental and physical challenges of the sport of rock climbing.
Ian Colton


My name is Michael Williams, I am a freelance graphic designer and owner of Williams Realty, a residential real estate brokerage in Northern Virginia. I have known Robin Norris for more than fifteen years. Robin has always impressed me with her positive attitude, tireless dedication to professional and personal development, and strong character guided by an unshakable ethical foundation. I would highly recommend Robin and her company to anyone looking for a steady hand to help in guiding their life decisions.