Services & Groups

Services Offered


In-Office Counseling

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Children and adolescents
  • Couples
  • Groups


Virtual Meetings


Workplace Support (at your place of business)

  • B.O.B. (Be Our Best) days – in your business office with your team blocks of time to meet with employees 1:1
  • Critical Incident Debriefing and Anticipatory Grief meetings
  • Customized Employee Aid Programs
  • Custom Presentations



Group Therapy


Group therapy can be a tremendous support system on your journey. Group members that have different personalities and backgrounds can offer support, different perspectives, and new strategies as they tackle issues to make positive changes. Group therapy sessions are offered in their entirety by Windward Optimal Health mental health professionals. Sessions meet weekly and range from 6 to 12 weeks. Registration is required along with a deposit to hold your place in the group. Fees and course material vary so please call 703-665-0754 or send an e-mail to for details about upcoming sessions.


Group Descriptions


The Art of Marriage: Getting to the heart of God’s design

Led by Katrina Clayton

Group Summary: Fun, insightful, interactive! A 6-week faith-based couples workshop to help you and your spouse fall in love all over again. This includes videos, discussion questions, date night suggestions & workbook.



Healing Journey

Led by Katrina Clayton

Group Summary: A 8-week, faith-based group for wives of spouses with sexual integrity issues. The shock of discovering your husband has this dark secret can be devastating and cause betrayal trauma. Join others who are going through the same feelings, fears, and uncertainty to find healing, comfort, empowerment, and strength towards resiliency. Reclaim your joy!



Brick by Brick: DBT Skills training for Women with PTSD

Led by Katrina Clayton

Group Summary: Feel empowered with ways to handle stressors. This is an 8-week group focusing on using your mind to control emotions, effectively communicate your needs, and handle situations in which you would normally feel anxiety. Find support from others and develop a tool box full of handy techniques to use daily and increase healthy relationships.