Virtual Psychotherapy

Out of Network Mental health counseling – I do not take insurance  1 hr. $325 per initial session/$300 for all 1 hr. sessions thereafter.


  • Individuals and families

  • Speciality in working with Elite individuals who feel empty inside.

  • Virginia
  • California

Communications Consulting/ Financial Therapy Coaching

$325 per initial 1 hr. meeting/$300 for all 1 hr. meetings thereafter or per day consulting and retainer.


  • Families where legacy planning is a topic

  • Available in the United States and abroad


  • Topics which include – Emotions of Money, Financial Empowerment with Couples, Human Animal Bond

  • Available for small businesses and large corporations

  • Supportive of journalists and those needing a subject matter expert

Workplace Support

  • Critical Incident Debriefing and Anticipatory Grief meetings

  • Custom Presentations