What you wear can say some things about you. For years we have heard, dress for success.  Look your best, feel your best.  Your image can affect others’ perceptions of you, which can sometimes matter in terms of employment opportunities. Consider the idea that the true you shines in what you feel most comfortable wearing. If you enjoy it, you can rock it! According to a custom clothier that created YouTube videos and blogs entitled Real Men Real Style you need to think about fit, fabric and function as your foundation of men’s fashion. It doesn’t matter if you work in the barn or the boardroom, grooming and style are things to contemplate.

But consider this. What about if a budget constraint was the issue holding you back in the clothing department?  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have clothes that you could try that you might not otherwise be able to afford? Or, if you outgrew clothes for any reason you would not want these to go to waste. These clothes need to stop taking up room in your closest creating little to no room for the items that fit your style and size now.

A community share space can be your answer. One such example is Hope Heals Free Store (https://www.hopehealsfreestore.org/). It is a shop in Virginia that has developed an all-inclusive space for just that.  It offers a chance to change out the old you and bring in the new you.  I want to encourage you men and the women in the lives of men, to become more involved.  You can pick up something new, donate clothes or contribute to the overall concept with funds.  If you don’t live near to this center, consider the model being one of great community support in an area closer to you.  A store such as this has an opportunity for all folks it comes into contact with.  It acts as a meeting center, a place to volunteer, a chance to try new choices and to practice dressing or to share old ones that you think someone else might like to enjoy.  In addition, for those looking to reduce your tax load, there is always the non-profit donation receipt.  It truly is a win for all economic levels.

If your feelings about yourself are something you struggle with or you want to explore more thoughts about your overall thinking around style, appearance, or career, don’t hesitate to reach out for more support through Windward Optimal Health.

(Photo credit Andrea Piacquadio  – Pexels)